CSM GIAS brands are well known and enjoy an excellent reputation in our sector. Although each of them has a very specific positioning and an identity of their own, they all share the spirit of innovation and product quality.
Launched in 2000, the Vanoise brand has an excellent reputation in various markets and includes a rich and varied range of pastry ingredients and bakeries. Discover
Launched in 1993, Margarine Brand is specifically designed for french croissants and puff pastries. A guarantee for pastry chefs both in terms of taste and efficiency and performance. Discover

Launched in 1993, Margarine is designed for cakes and creams. Its unique aroma and volume guarantee pastry chefs exceptional cakes and creams. Discover
Marguerite, the true taste of fine French pastry. This outstanding range provides bakers all they need to produce the best pastries. Discover

Launched in 1993, the Gold leaf margarine brand is specially designed for croissants and puff pastry. A guarantee for pastry chefs in terms of taste as well as in terms of efficiency and yield. Discover
Launched in 2015, Sahla is the latest addition to the CSM GIAS brands, it is intended to be the partner of seasoned pastry chefs in the preparation of their desserts by offering them both ease of use and time savings in the preparation of creams. and toppings and can also be used as a base ingredient in cookies and shortcrust pastry. Discover

Launched in 2004, the Mezij brand stands for a premium product that combines excellent quality butter and vegetable oils for successful croissants and puff pastry. Discover
Launched in 2013, Voluma includes products developed by us to meet the requirements of our customers and the specifics of the market. Discover